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Shannon Murray & Evan Greer East Coast Tour Booking!

Hi Everyone!
  Please get in touch if you are interested in bringing Shannon and I to play or offer a workshop in you're town. We'll be traveling down the East Coast, leaving Boston at the end of January and ending up in Florida in late February. Contact me: evan@riotfolk.org if you'd like to book something. Please don't leave comments here, I probably won't get them!

Also: anyone who goes to high school or college, please get in touch if you're interested in having us do a workshop in your school!

-Evan G

Shannon Murray and Evan Greer are activists, songwriters, and educators who use their music as a powerful tool for radical social change. They are members of the Riot-Folk! Collective, a group of 9 young musicians who support each other financially and work together to create and distribute music that teaches, provokes, heals, and inspires.

From singalongs to storytelling, tackling issues from climate change to feminism, Shannon and Evan's interactive performances and workshops are designed to directly support grassroots movements working for social and environmental justice.

This February, they will be leaving the car at home and heading down the east-coast via Greyhound bus to offer up some musical inspiration to people from all generations who wish to see a more just and sustainable world. They will bring with them stories and information about struggles for liberation happening in their hometowns and around the globe. On this tour, in addition to their anything-but-traditional performances, Shannon and Evan will be offering Connecting the Dots Workshops that weave together music, discussion, games, stories and images that illuminate the connections between different forms of oppression and avenues towards change.

Shannon and Evan's music is available for free download at www.riotfolk.org
Also visit:

TO BOOK A SHOW, E-MAIL: evan@riotfolk.org


"Evan Greer is an eloquent and energetic writer. He reminds me of Phil Ochs."
    --Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States

"Young woman troubadour … wraps a light melodic soprano around punk-poetic raps."
   --Steve Paul, Kansas City Starr, 01-19-06

“Music that the kids can relate to, a message that can't be ignored and a passionate delivery that really challenges!”
   --Colm McGarry, director of Religious Education, Marian Highschool
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