Veronique CheVALier- "Weird VAL" of Dark Cabaret (veroniquec) wrote in anarcho_folk,
Veronique CheVALier- "Weird VAL" of Dark Cabaret

Please Vote 4 My Song Vampire Surprise 2 Be Mad Song of The Year!

Dearest Fellow Anarchists,

Please pardon this intrusion into your existence, but your assistance truly would make a difference. I humbly seek to enlist you in voting for my twisted song Vampire Suprise, which is in the running for the Mad Music Demented Top 20 Songs of the Year 2007.

Vamp Surp has been a Song of The Day, as well as being voted The Best New Halloween Song of 2007 @ The Mad Music Archives.

Your weekly vote can keep the momentum going and would indeed make a difference in the outcome of this quest for Mad Music Infamy.

All pertinent info needed for your participation is found in my blog here:

Deepest gratitude for your kind consideration,

MADstermind behind Vampire Suprise
(We ain't yer Grandpappy's Polka!)
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