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We Shall Not be Moved!
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Friday, October 16th, 2009
2:06 pm
vk.com - free music

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You can create your personal playlist, either listen to your favourite tracks online or download them: there is even a program Internet Download Manager that downloads everything for you automatically!

The registration process takes exactly one minute: users from all countries are welcome!

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Monday, August 24th, 2009
8:38 am
Steel Strings & Break Beats Tour
hey friends,
  evan greer here from riot-folk. i'm starting to drink coffee again and gearing up to do a bunch of booking for the fall and winter. i'm so excited to announce the STEEL STRINGS & BREAK BEATS TOUR featuring me (with a band) and Broadcast Live, an incredible radical live hip hop band from albany, and some of my best friends in the world. make sure to check out their music, it'll blow you away.

the tour description and tentative route/schedule are pasted below. we really need your help to make this tour a huge success. please get in touch if you want to bring us to your town to rock a show or offer a workshop at your school/community center/church/library/wherever.

we try to use our music as a tool to support movements for justice and liberation, and we rely on people who love our music and love the movement to help us get booked so we can continue spreading the message and raising funds for the cause.

e-mail me: evangreer@gmail.com or call 978-852-6457

thanks so much for all of your ongoing support!
-evan greer
www.riotfolk.org (is finally back online!)


The committed musicians of STEEL STRINGS & BREAK BEATS resist genre and fight for inspiring music by fusing the social justice roots of Hip Hop, the DIY ethics of punk rock, and the soapbox troubadour tradition of folk music. The tour's four diverse members are activists and organizers who use their music and poetry as powerful tools that support grassroots struggles for liberation. In addition to the bands' topical, uplifting, and crowd-rocking performances, the tour offers interactive workshops for students and community members who want to get involved with movements for revolutionary change.

WORKSHOPS INCLUDE: History of Hip Hop and Social Justice, Connecting the Dots of Climate Justice, Community Organizing 101, and more! Workshop descriptions are available in our online presskit.

Check out our music:
Broadcast Live: (live radical hip hop from albany) www.myspace.com/broadcastlive
Evan Greer & Friends: (catchy riotfolk for liberation) www.myspace.com/evangreer

if we're coming to your town, get in touch! we need your help with flyering, inviting local groups to table, and spreading the word about these shows! if we're not coming to your town, let us know that we should!

for all booking, contact: evangreer@gmail.com

SEP 18: Boston, MA
SEP 19: Machias, ME
SEP 20: TBA near Albany
OCT 15: Albany, NY
OCT 16: Oberlin, OH
OCT 17: Madison, WI
OCT 18: Twin Cities, MN
OCT 19: drive
OCT 20: Bozeman, MT
OCT 21: Bellingham, WA
OCT 22: Vancouver, BC
OCT 23: Seattle, WA
OCT 24: Olympia, WA
OCT 25: Portland, OR
OCT 26: Eugene, OR
OCT 27: Northern California
OCT 28: San Francisco, CA
OCT 29: Oakland, CA
OCT 30: Los Angeles, CA
OCT 31: San Diego, CA
NOV 1: Flagstaff, AZ
NOV 2: Durango, CO
NOV 3: Pueblo, CO
NOV 4: Denver, CO
NOV 5: Boulder, CO
NOV 6: Saint Louis, MO
NOV 7: Columbus, OH
NOV 8: TBA between Columbus and Albany
Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
6:45 pm
Tomorrow, FRI July 24 in CAMBRIDGE, MA: Benefit Show for laid-off Harvard Workers

Over 200 workers at one of the richest universities in the country have been LAID-OFF! Come out and support them, and enjoy some upbeat music!

6:00pm @ Papercut Zine Library (moving soon!)
45 Mount Auburn Street
Harvard Square, on the Red Line

All proceeds will go directly to the workers and their families.

THE CLICHES (long awaited 2 yr reunion! anarchist punk rock!)
EVAN GREER & FRIENDS (riotfolk collective with a full band!)
ADAM BARKSDALE (young singer/songwriter on tour from florida)
KVIZA (acoustic tunes from lancaster, PA)
BIG FUZZY (local jazzy acoustic duo of CSW fame)
JAKE & THE INFERNAL MACHINE (punk folk outta brighton)

plus: some words from workers affected by the lay-offs.

Contact: trenchesfullofpoets@riseup.net for info.
Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
7:56 am
Monday, July 13th, 2009
1:02 pm
Evan Greer & Ryan Harvey mini-tour: Baltimore, Philly, NYC this week!
hey friends,
 i've got three awesome shows this week. two with Ryan Harvey of riot-fok and all with some amazing bands! come out and please help spread the word.
-evan g

@ Wind Up Space, 12 W North Ave
7:30pm. $5 - 15 suggested donation.
Contact: sonemcee@yahoo.com for info.

@ C.A.M.P. House, 210 S 49th St, West Philly
6:00pm. $5 - 8 sliding scale suggested donation.
With: Bell's Roar (NY), Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Company (NC), Primary Sources,
and Tiny Dirty Dancer in the Dark.
Contact: stitchingtentacles@gmail.com

@ Brooklyn Sanctuary, 778 Bergen St & Grand Ave
8:00pm. $5 - 15 sliding scale donation.
Benefit for In Our Hearts Infoshop.
Contact: inourhearts@riseup.net
Thursday, June 25th, 2009
2:20 pm
Red and Black is the New Black and Gold

Vegans and Dumpster Divers will be Crushed by the Might of the Yunz Liberation Army!
Monday, May 4th, 2009
1:22 pm

FRIDAY, MAY 8th, 2009
@ Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston St., Copley Sq.

This show is celebrating the release of  my new CD,"Never Surrender." 15 brand new tracks with a full band of amazing friends. I've gathered together as many of the amazing folks who played and sang on the album as possible (plus some new friends!) and we're all teaming up for one awesome night of radical music to benefit local community organizing!

Featuring a full-band set from EVAN GREER & FRIENDS

accompanied by the talent of the following friends (who will also be performing):

BROADCAST LIVE - albany's best radical hip hop band
TAINA ASILI - puerta rican afro-carribean neo-soul liberation rock
MIMI LAVALLEY - amazing nyc-based singer/songwriter
and lots more!!!

The whole evening will be MC'd by the amazing TOXIC SOIL BUSTERS!
Youth from Worcester organizing for justice!

$5 - 20 sliding scale donation
Proceeds will benefit Voices of Liberation, the Qawem Coalition,
and Stone Soup, a community center in Worcester recently damaged by fire.

Vegan pizza provided by TJ's!

This event is wheelchair accessible.
FREE on-site childcare is available.
Contact: evangreer@gmail.com to request it.
Local groups are invited to table.
Thursday, August 14th, 2008
10:32 am
TUESDAY: Climate Justice Benefit w/ Defiance Ohio and MORE!
support climate justice organizing in boston!

Tuesday, August 19th, 6:00pm!
@ Spontaneous Celebrations
45 Danforth St, Jamaica Plain
(30 second walk from Stoneybrook T-Stop)

DEFIANCE, OHIO - dancy and heartfelt political folk-punk on tour
EVAN GREER - boston's own from the riot-folk! collective
SNIP DAS! - female farmer punk against patriarchy from ithaca, ny
ADELAIDE WINDSOME - puppelele princess

$7 suggested donation.
ALL AGES. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Rising Tide is an international network of grassroots groups who work to connect climate change to social justice struggles. Recent projects of Rising Tide Boston include helping organize the Northeast Climate Confluence, supporting the local struggle against the BU Biolab, and organizing direct action against Bank of America's coal investments. More information at www.risingtideboston.org

For more info on the show, contact: kaitentou@gmail.com
Friday, May 16th, 2008
7:43 pm
MAY 23: Climate Confluence Benefit in BOSTON


FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2008
6:00pm – 10:00pm
$7-15 sliding scale donation

1486 Dorchester Ave, Boston
RIGHT across from the Fields Corner T-Stop on the Red Line

Featuring the music and the message of:

HUMANWINE (socio-political freak folk)
EVAN GREER (of the riot-folk! collective)
THE PAPERDOLLS (acoustic gypsy punk on tour from FL)
AMATUL & NATEBOX (radical spoken word from somerville)
BAMBUU WAZA (local voice of liberation)
ADELAIDE (puppets and ukeleles. at the same time.)

Proceeds will support The Northeast Climate Confluence – a critical social/environmental justice gathering this summer to strengthen relationships within our region and organize to take care of the needs of our community and decrease our dependency on the institutions and systems that are killing the planet. More info: www.climateconfluence.org

We will also be supporting a bail fund for activists who will be protesting the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul.
Wednesday, April 9th, 2008
4:43 pm
Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
3:24 am
VeroniqueC's Eclectic Collab Project- Polka Haunt Us
Polka Haunt Us Progress Report No. 1, March 2008

Greetings Dear Fiends and Fans!

Well, we are happy to report to you that we are now in full-on production mode. We will be laying down our inaugural track, "The White Witch Of Jamaica" on Tuesday, March 11th, at Addison Sound (The Official Recording Studio of  Polka Haunt Us), with owner/engineer Robert Tepper.

It is an original ditty, lyrics by Veronique Chevalier & music by "Gee" Rabe, based on a legend about the infamous 18th Century serial murderess Annie Palmer, and is one of the most well-known horror tales from that fair Caribbean nation.

Our rendition marries Polka with Reggae, and showcases Gee's unparalleled accordion playing, as well as her kickass steel pan prowess. Rounding out this particular session will be Kirk Brundage- drums & percussion, Brian Netzley- bass, and Mateo Denali, doing a turn as  the voice of  the Devil himself..

Noted engineer Joe Chiccarelli (AKA THE "Joe" of Frank Zappa's "Joe's Garage"), has agreed to do our mixing, and Jann Castor will be our mastering engineer.

We will post the finished sound file of "White Witch" as soon as possible for your listening pleasure! Currently in various stages of completion, are compositions based on Japanese, Norwegian, Gypsy, Mexican, Brazilian, Argentinian, familiar Urban Legends, and All American Trailer Trash ghost stories, so that gives us nine of the lucky 13 songs that will be included on this compilation, to be released in plenty of time for Halloween this year.

If you have any favorite ghost or spooky stories from a region not listed above, that you'd like to see included, feel free to let us know. If we like it, we'll do it!

Stay tuned for updates...

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
12:10 pm
Shannon Murray & Evan Greer East Coast Tour Booking!
Hi Everyone!
  Please get in touch if you are interested in bringing Shannon and I to play or offer a workshop in you're town. We'll be traveling down the East Coast, leaving Boston at the end of January and ending up in Florida in late February. Contact me: evan@riotfolk.org if you'd like to book something. Please don't leave comments here, I probably won't get them!

Also: anyone who goes to high school or college, please get in touch if you're interested in having us do a workshop in your school!

-Evan G

Shannon Murray and Evan Greer are activists, songwriters, and educators who use their music as a powerful tool for radical social change. They are members of the Riot-Folk! Collective, a group of 9 young musicians who support each other financially and work together to create and distribute music that teaches, provokes, heals, and inspires.

From singalongs to storytelling, tackling issues from climate change to feminism, Shannon and Evan's interactive performances and workshops are designed to directly support grassroots movements working for social and environmental justice.

This February, they will be leaving the car at home and heading down the east-coast via Greyhound bus to offer up some musical inspiration to people from all generations who wish to see a more just and sustainable world. They will bring with them stories and information about struggles for liberation happening in their hometowns and around the globe. On this tour, in addition to their anything-but-traditional performances, Shannon and Evan will be offering Connecting the Dots Workshops that weave together music, discussion, games, stories and images that illuminate the connections between different forms of oppression and avenues towards change.

Shannon and Evan's music is available for free download at www.riotfolk.org
Also visit:

TO BOOK A SHOW, E-MAIL: evan@riotfolk.org


"Evan Greer is an eloquent and energetic writer. He reminds me of Phil Ochs."
    --Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States

"Young woman troubadour … wraps a light melodic soprano around punk-poetic raps."
   --Steve Paul, Kansas City Starr, 01-19-06

“Music that the kids can relate to, a message that can't be ignored and a passionate delivery that really challenges!”
   --Colm McGarry, director of Religious Education, Marian Highschool
Tuesday, January 1st, 2008
8:44 pm
community question
on the 18th, i am tagging along with a friend to virginia. i'll predominately be in the norfolk area.
i was wondering if anyone knows what kind of community/scene they have in that area?

any information regarding shows, markets, places to get good vegan food, free food/anything, dumpsters, or generally interesting things to be done would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance,

Current Mood: content
Thursday, December 20th, 2007
3:08 pm
Caucus of the Future
We are holding the Caucus of the Future, where we go beyond choosing candidates or representatives. We will teach, share, and create ways to empower ourselves and better our world.

"Caucus of the Future"

please attend
Wednesday, December 19th, 2007
4:33 pm
Please, My NEW demented filk song needs your vote by Saturday, 12/22


To Vote for Hanukkat as Best New Mad Holiday Song!
Contest closes Sat. 12/22

Greetings fellow Anarcho Folk,

Please check out my song and vote for it in
The Mad Music Archive Best New Holiday Song Contest.
It can best be described as:
"Jingle Bells meets Tubular Bells."

Take Two Matzo Balls & Call Me In The Morning!
Happy HoliDAZE from Hanukkat & Veronique!

Sunday, December 9th, 2007
10:06 am
Have you checked out this anarchist podcast yet?
Have you had a chance to listen to Freedomain Radio yet? It's a wildly stimulating and entertaining podcast on philosophy, the most popular on the web...


The feed is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/FreedomainRadio


Stefan Molyneux, MA
Saturday, December 1st, 2007
9:45 pm
How many ready for revolution?

If someone presented you with a clear cause for government change, and you knew the system of government we have wouldn't allow it, would you be ready for revolution? With twenty people I could deliver the Houston area. It's not hard. And rifles are easy enough to find.
Monday, November 26th, 2007
12:17 am
Sex and Marriage
I'm doing a research project for my Anthropology class on
people's opinions of sex and marriage.
It's a completely anonymous survey and can be done real quick.
I do not need names and if you provide one, I will not use it.
Once again, it's completely anonymous.

Jus click here for it.
http://philfree.livejournal.com/152762.html edit: link fixed!
Sunday, November 18th, 2007
6:30 pm
Please Vote 4 My Song Vampire Surprise 2 Be Mad Song of The Year!
Dearest Fellow Anarchists,

Please pardon this intrusion into your existence, but your assistance truly would make a difference. I humbly seek to enlist you in voting for my twisted song Vampire Suprise, which is in the running for the Mad Music Demented Top 20 Songs of the Year 2007.

Vamp Surp has been a Sepiachord.com Song of The Day, as well as being voted The Best New Halloween Song of 2007 @ The Mad Music Archives.

Your weekly vote can keep the momentum going and would indeed make a difference in the outcome of this quest for Mad Music Infamy.

All pertinent info needed for your participation is found in my blog here:


Deepest gratitude for your kind consideration,

MADstermind behind Vampire Suprise
(We ain't yer Grandpappy's Polka!)
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